Guar seed and Guar gum prices are recovering in future market

Guar seed and guar gum price were on the downward trend during this week (5th March- 10th March). On Friday there was little bit recovery in Guar seed Price and guar gum price. There is tension among the farmers, traders and stocking due to the sharp drop in Guar seed Price and guar gum price after having al the fundamentals positive. Business activities remained sluggish due to the budget year ending closing. 

Crude oil price and shale crude oil production through the fracking process is the major fundamental factor for Guar seed Price and guar gum price movement. One time there was the critical concern when guar gum prices fell below the 9000 level. Guar gum is the major industrial product, if Guar gum prices fall sharply then Guar seed can be stable for a long time. By the Friday Guar seed and guar gum price recovered in the future market. There was the recovery of 88 Rs/100 Kg in Guar gum and March contract closed at INR 8949/100Kg. Guar seed march contract closed at INR 4262 with the recovery of INR 28/100Kg. 

Crude oil prices have also shown recovery in the international market. On Friday closing there was the recovery of USD 1.88 USD/Barrel or 2.87% in crude oil prices and crude closed at 65.49 USD/barrel. Geopolitics is also improving. The tension between the USA and North Korea has little bit soft after winter Olympic. There is the indication of direct political talk between the USA and North Korea. Stability in international politics and war zones will lead to financial stability and economic growth. 

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Large-scale commercial Guar Gum farming
It is projected that the USA alone will produce 80 % of the word crude export oil. OPEC will out from main crude oil export scenario. The demand for crude oil increased from major growing economies manly China and India. Guar gum export will increase with increasing fracking activities and crude oil production

Guar seed and guar gum price may remain stable for some days. The exporter will start sourcing guar seed for new guar gum export order. The arrival of guar seed has gone down. Most of guar seed production for this year has been processed or stocked for long-term investment. After three months sowing of the new crop of guar will start there will be the requirement of Guar seed for sowing purpose. New guar seed crop will arrive after 8 months. This year there is no oversupply of guar seed in the market. Speculators are active; traders and stockist must avoid speculative movements. The arrival of guar has dropped lower than 15,000 Bags per day. Farmers are not carrying guar commodity to market as they are busy in farm works. Rabi crops are ready for harvest. 

Good quality of guar seed is traded at Rs 4300/100Kg and average quality guar seed is traded at Rs 4100/100 Kg. Standard quality guar gum is traded at Rs 9000/100 kg. In interior location, guar is traded up to 4000/100 Kg. guar seed was closed strong in the future market. At NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd) guar seed-10MT is being traded strong at Rs 4262, 4265, 4290 higher by 0.66 percent or INR 28/100 Kg, 0.9 percent or INR 38/100 Kg, 0.88 percent or INR 37.5/100 Kg with open interest of 20640, 138000, 162240 for March, April and May month.

Guar gum is being traded strongly in the future market. At NCDEX (National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd) Guar gum- 5MT is being traded at Rs 8949, 9050, 9139 lower by 0.99 percent or Rs 88/100Kg, 1.13 percent or Rs 101/100 Kg, 1.08 percent or Rs 98/100 Kg with open interest of 4390, 64980, 2240 for March, April and May contract.

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