Guar gum and Guar product export will increase.

This year 3,65,451 MT of Guar gum has been exported till December-2017. It generated 458 Million USD Foreign Exchange for India. In Indian rupees, it was export of 2640 Crore Rupees. It was 48.43 % higher than the previous year till the same period in Indian rupees. This year average per unit export value until December is 1253 USD/MT. Last year average unit expo value was 1098 USD/MT. As per market men, export data will positive for rest of period. 

The demand for guar gum will keep increasing with increased drilling activities. Crude oil prices are above the economic level for the oil drilling companies in the USA. Very soon the USA will be number one crude oil exporter in world by suppressing Saudi Arabia and Russia. OPEC and Russia are committed to cut down production to control the falling prices, but another side USA is using this opportunity to capture the crude oil market. Somewhere the USA is successful in its goal.

Supply of Guar gum has become limited at this time. Major arrival has gone down, and the New crop will come after 8-9 Months. After three months there will requirement of Guar seed for sowing in the large rainfed geographical area. Next two month will deficit month for guar seed in the market. Farmers and traders should use this opportunity by making the supply limited to market. 

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In the future market contract of 2 crore bags are being traded. In actual, there was the production of 70-80 lac bags of Guar after adding carryover stock of previous year figures reaches around 1.5 crore bags, these numbers are not sufficient to match the traded commodity in the Future market. By this time major production of this year has been processed or stocked. A limited quantity of guar is available for open market trade. 

Production of Guar seed for next year is also predicted to remain low as Govt will give good MSP for Kharif pulses. And farmers will move to edible Kharif pulses cultivation instead of Guar cultivation. The market will depend on rainfed cultivation. Avoid speculative message and movement. The market for guar seed and guar gum is very strong. Speculators are trying to capture the market. This Year Guar will give the good return. All the fundamentals of demand and supply side, are positive.

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