Insect Control in Guar Crop ( Gaur gum Cutlivation)

Insect Control in Guar Crop

Guar, also known as cluster bean, is a significant crop grown primarily for its seeds which are a source of guar gum. However, guar crops are susceptible to various insect pests, which can severely impact yield. Effective insect control is crucial to ensure a healthy guar crop. Here's a detailed guide on controlling insects in guar crops.

Common Insect Pests in Guar Crop:

  1. Aphids (Jassids)
  2. Whitefly
  3. Leafhopper (Aphid)

Effective Insecticides: To manage these pests, various insecticides can be used. Below are some recommended options and their application rates per hectare:

Insect Control in Guar Crop

  1. Monocrotophos 36% SL: 250 ml
  2. Dimethoate 30% EC: 250 ml
  3. Methyl Demeton 25% EC: 250 ml
  4. Phosphamidon 40% EC: 250 ml
  5. Phosalone 35% EC: 1 liter
  6. Quinalphos 25% EC: 1 liter
  7. Malathion 50% EC: 1 liter
  8. Endosulfan 35% EC: 1 liter
  9. Carbaryl 50% WP: 2 kg
  10. Fenvalerate 0.4% dust: 5 kg
  11. Endosulfan 4% dust: 25 kg
  12. Carbaryl 10% dust: 10 kg

These insecticides should be diluted in 500-1000 liters of water for effective spraying. For instance, to control aphids and whiteflies, Buprofezin (108 SC) can be applied at 200 ml per hectare.

Application Tips:

  • Ensure even coverage of the insecticide solution across the crop.
  • Spraying should ideally be done during the cooler parts of the day, either in the early morning or late afternoon, to minimize evaporation and maximize the effectiveness of the insecticide.
  • Monitor the crop regularly to determine the presence and intensity of pests.

Repeat Application: If the pest infestation persists, a second application can be made 15-20 days after the initial treatment. This ensures continuous protection and helps in managing any emerging pests.

Conclusion: Regular monitoring and timely application of recommended insecticides are essential for managing pests in guar crops. By following these guidelines, farmers can protect their guar crops from significant damage, thereby ensuring a good yield and quality produce.

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