Guar International- 2024, An exclusive international event on "guar" on 1st March,2024.

Guar International - 2024, An exclusive international event on "guar" on 1st March, 2024.

Guar Industry is facing new challenges in changing business environment. Business environment is changing, Technology is changing, New Trade barriers are emerging, New environment regulation are being implemented, Trade practices are changing with climate change, to face these issues, entire Guar industry must come closer, discuss these issues, find out the solutions and lead the entire industry to make ready for emerging challenges. Guar International is emerging as platform for entire guar industry to face new challenges. 

NICR (NCDEX) and tefla's are jointly organizing the international business event on “GUAR”, it will include Conference, Exhibition, Awards and Networking.

Book Your Presence And Get Benefited From This Business Event On “Guar”. Get yourself registered and book you seat for this event. Top industry leader will be present at one place for Guar.

Guar International- 2024 An exclusive international event on "guar" on 1st march,2024.)

This event is exclusively for all the stake holders of “GUAR” like Guar seed & Guar gum Traders, Guar seed & Guar gum Stockist, Guar seed Processors, Guar gum Manufacturers, Guar products Exporters, Guar Products Importers, Guar seed and Guar gum Agri commodity traders, Market research Analyst, Guar farmers, Guar seed companies, Guar Research institutes, Scientist, Guar plant & machinery suppliers and other service providers. 

This event will cover entire range of guar products including guar seed, guar churi, guar korma, guar gum, guar split, guar gum powder, modified guar gum and other guar derivative. 

This is best event to discover the future by diving into cutting edged innovations and market dynamics shaping the Guar industry.  

(Please contact for spot booking and other business enquires, Mr. Shubham Singh - Ast. Project Manager, Teflas, Contact Number : +91 9518779542, Email : )

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