Prediction of normal rainfall and Guar price movement.

The primary prediction has come for normal rainfall in India.  It is expected that rainfall will be normal this year. Farmers will go for the pulses cultivation. As pulses will be supported by the MSP so farmers will go for the pulses cultivation instead of Guar. Crude oil prices are keep improving. And it trying to stable above USD70/BarrelThe demanded of guar gum powder will increase with increased oil exploration activities the in USA.

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There is 7 months to come to the Fresh crop of Guar in the market. Up to that time, existing stock will be processed to full fill the demand. As per market information stock of guar seed is limited for this year.  Export of gaur is expected to remain higher than the previous year. All the factors are positive for upward guar prices. After two months sowing of Guar will start and there will be he requirement of Guar seed for sowing purpose. Supply is already tight in the market.

Long term investors of guar seed and guar gum can wait for next 5-6 months. It is not the appropriate time for sell the stock. Market will give some additional profit for waiting. Arrival of Guar seed is very tight in the market. Guar seed is processed in guar gum powder and guar gum Churi Korma.  Guar Churi Korma is the by product of guar seed processing industry. Market price of Guar Chur Korma is very good currently

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