Guar gum crop will not benefit from heavy rainfall

Rajasthan Govt has released the fresh swing data of Guar gum seed cultivation . As per these data Guar seed/ guar gum  has been cultivated on 19,26,200 Hectare till 5th August which is 53.5% of targeted area.. On the same date during, last year this figure was 34,61,000 hectares.

Market of guar seed and guar gum  is bearish due to the rainfall and expectation of increase in guar seed sowing area. In the case of Guar gum seed  it is not true. This year there is very heavy rainfall and it is bad for guar gum seed in both conditions First of all heavy rainfall is not good for guar gum seed sowing and it is also not good for standing guar gum seed crop as it will lead to excessive soil and climate moisture and further attack of disease.

Long cloudy period and heavy moisture is most favorable condition for development of microorganism responsible for disease and pest. Guar crop requires better aeration in root zone and dry climate. The result of this excessive rainfall will come after 15 days when leaves turn brown with round shape spots. It will also lead to growth of weeds. Weeds grown fast in heavy moisture and weeding of the farm will be very problematic. At this time, it is more problematic for early guar gum seed  crop. Weeds will grow very fast.

Rates of Guar has also come down and short term speculative  buyer has come out from market.  It is again best point of entry in this guar seed and guar gum contract. After 5-6 days news of damage in guar seed and guar gum will start to come. 

As per data released by Gujarat State Govt Guar has been cultivated on 1,16,700 Hectare. Which is just 30 % of Last three years’ average. Total area of Guar cultivation in increasing toward the 25,00,000 Hectare. Investors need not to worry. Total production will be very poor.  Market will face the shortage of guar seed in market. Keep away from speculative news. Guar is not a crop of heavy moisture and standing water in root zone. In some patches guar is cultivated again and again so there is a lot of microorganism in soil and they will spread in complete cluster/ farm very fast.  Market of Guar will remain volatile with weather conditions

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