Farmers of guar gum seed cultivation belt are thinking for alternate of Guar ??

I came in contact with many farmers during this Holi ( the festival of color ) celebration time. While discussing with farmers, I came to know that farmers are not comfortable with guar cultivation specially in guar growing belt. Pulses like Moong and Moth may emerge as major alternate in  rain fed area of guar gum seed cultivation belt in Rajasthan ( India) .

Rate of guar seed is stable at the level of INR 3000/100Kg and guar gum below INR 6000/100Kg since last guar crop harvest. As per APEDA statistics , export of guar gum has also declined this year 2015-16. The exact data will come after one- two month.  But it is true export has come down.  This is not first time, even in year 2012-13, export of guar gum was also declined as compare to year 2011-12. There is little bit hope from Guar korma and guar churi prices.

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Farmer are more attracted to  price of pulses like moong and moth instead of dissatisfied with low price of Guar.  During last two-three years  pulses  prices are going out of approach of common man. High pulses prices have forced govt to take decision against stockist of pulses and set the new lower limits to stock pulses in warehouses.

Guar prices have plunged in international crude oil prices. Guar gum export decline data also showing another picture that profit margin and guar gum  export in monetary term is also come down. High prices of pulses is giving new idea to farmers to shift from Guar to pulses. If  this idea turn into action then it may decrease in Guar seed / guar gum growing area in Rajasthan.  Overall 20%-30% Guar cultivation area may shift to kharif pulses.

This year prices of Moong and Moth has reached up to 9000/100 Kg.  This shifting may impact guar production. This years there can be sharp 20% - 30% decline in Guar seed production. A small initial picture has come from Gujarat . There is decline is guar cultivation area in Gujarat in Zayad crop.

Harvesting of winter crop is going in irrigated guar gum seed growing belt. Right now farmers are harvesting mustard and chick pea. After 14 th April Wheat harvesting will start.

Moong ( Vigna radiata) and Moth (Vigna aconitifolia) are local pulses crop grown in Guar growing belt in summer or kharif crop, parallel to Guar and cotton crop.

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