Estimate of Guar gum seed production from Gujarat (India) in India 2015-2016

Guar gum seed has emerged as major agriculture farm produce exported from India during last four five years. Guar gum seed is cultivated in India since centuries. It is a drought resistant crop. Traditionally Guar is produced / cultivated / in Rajasthan but since last three years Guar gum production / cultivation / farming area has increased in neighboring states.  Gujarat has emerged as major Guar Gum Seed growing / production/ cultivation/farming state in India. Climatic and geographical conditions of Gujarat is similar to Rajasthan  and located in same guar gum seed production/ cultivation/farming belt which start from Haryana continue in Rajasthan, Sindh region of Pakistan and scattered up to Gujarat.

Advance estimate of Guar  gum seed production, yield and area in Gujarat state (India) in India 2015-2016

Advance estimate of Guar  gum seed production, yield and area in Gujarat state (India) in India 2015-2016

Gujarat is located on seashore. Infrastructure in existing port has developed and Govt has developed some new port, due to these geographical opportunity guar gum exporters are establishing new guar gum processing industries are developing in Gujarat, as inland transportation from guar gum processing unit  to Sea-port comes down, it saves both money and time for guar gum exporters. These new industries are attracting Gujarat farmers for Guar gum seed farming /production / cultivation in State.

Gujarat govt has released third estimate of area /yield/ production of major crops. As per these statistics guar gum seed was cultivated on 3,18,000 - Hectare area, Total guar seed production from Gujarat state was 1,91,000 MT and average yield of guar gum seed was 602 Kg/Hectare.  

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Though Guar seed and guar gum rates are slowly and slowly improving in spot market and future market but still it is not attracting much farmers due to more profit in other crops. Guar seed is also a major groundnut, cotton and castor growing state of India. If farmer will better opportunity guar gum seed, then they will go for Guar gum seed cultivation. Otherwise in Irrigated belt Rice, Cotton and Groundnut are major crop ; in rain fed area Guar gum seed will face tough competition from Kharif pulses.

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