Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) seeds cultivation area will increase more than 30% in this year ( 2015-2016) .

A new picture of Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) seeds cultivation area gives a prediction of more than 30% increase in Ganganagar-Hanumangarh  guar production belt.

Last week I visited Shri Ganganagar, the major guar seed producing belt. In context to Guar seed production, picture is totally different. Seed producer, Seed dealer and Seed seller are presenting a new picture. Their inputs indicates that guar seed sowing will increase this year. farmers are not showing interest in cotton seeds.  They are preferring guar over cotton.Guar seeds are sold as hot cake.

Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) crop in farm

 In irrigated belt farmer takes Cotton crop as major crop, but farmer are shifting slowly and slowly from cotton to Guar. As per estimates there will be 30 % increase in guar seed sowing as compare to last year specially in Ganganagar-Hanumangarh belt. It means there will be  30% more production if conditions of climate remains same. 

I discussed with one farmer Mr Manoj Jangir. Mr.Jangir also run a agri input business. This year guar is first preference for farmers. He said that  guar is a 3-4 month crop while cotton is 5-6 month crop. farmers will free from his farm operation with in 110-120 days.

Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) crop in farm
Another farmer Mr Arvind Godara, Arvind is a young farmer and holding large size of farm. He told that Guar is a easy crop to cultivate,  unlike the cotton you don't need to be engage daily in the farm. Guar is low labor intensive crop. It doesn't require regular dose of insecticide and pesticide. In cotton crop, farmer has to go for insecticide- pesticide application every fortnight, even some times they have to apply weekly.

Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) mature harvested crop
New generation is happy with guar  as there is no too much tension and investment in guar cultivation. Even guar can survive easily in worst conditions. It need less irrigation than cotton.  The only concern is rate. since two year cotton is also not giving any major economic advantage over Guar. The farmers looks toward stability of Guar seed prices, If guar seed remain above Rs 3500/100 Kg, then farmer will be making profit. The current level of Rs 5000/100 kg is good for farmers. Input cost of Guar farming also very low. Guar is native crop of the region, so it grows well in hot and dry climate.

Guar ( Guar Gum or cyamopsis tetragonoloba ) crop  harvesting
If production of Guar seed will increase then it may increase the supply of seeds in local market. This over supply can put pressure on guar prices. Farmers are hope full that consumption of guar seed will increase. For farmer point of view risk factor is more in Cotton while Risk factor is less in Guar. Even guar is also source of green vegetable, cattle feed, soil amendment. No doubt Guar is a major cash crop in this area. 

Dr Deepak Rjpurohit ( Assistant Professor)  Mr Manoj Jangir ( Farmer and Agri Input Business owner )   and Me 
I also meet one entrepreneur Mr Sunil Nitharwal. He runs the business of guar seed production. He told that picture of Guar has changed in last 3-4 years. Every year new varieties are released. His company produces seeds of more than  7-8 varieties of  Guar seeds. Farmers are taking interest in his seed production program. His business of guar seed is growing. this year demand of Guar seed is high in market. He has supplied most of hist stock to dealers for new crop sowing. He is still getting demand of  Guar seed.

If  cultivation area increase then it will put a major impact on total production of guar seed in India. Ganganagar-Hanumangarh belt is major guar cultivation belt where guar is cultivated under canal irrigation water.It is ure that production of guar seed will increase in this year. 

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