20% decline in Guar Gum export as compare to last year. Bad news for Indian Guar Gum Industry and Guar Seed Producer.

APEDA has released new data, as per these data , this year there is 20 % decline in Guar Gum Export from India as comparison to last year. Last year ( 2013-14) export of guar gum was  INR 11,723 Crore this year ( 2014-15 ) figure is INR 9479 Crore. Ultimately this loss is in farmers pocket.

( With courtesy of Financial Express )

Govt must promote guar product and invest in R&D in product development. Guar is multi-use product. It need more attention then other commodity. As per international market this data may further come down this year.  Some industries are adopting wrong practices by dumping teh guar to its end market. If Guar gum comes down further then tere willbe direct impact on poor farmers of western Rajasthan.

Just two year before Guar was number one exportable agriculture commodity from India.It is loosing its position year by year.

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