Guar Gum Seed Cultivation area will go down up to 40-50% in India.

This week govt has announced the MSP ( minimum Support Price ) for pulses crop. Where mung MSP is decided 4650+200 = 4900/ 100 Kg. Farmer have  already made his mind to shift from Guar to Mung and Moth  ( Specially  in Guar growing area ).  Now they will forced to leave Guar seed cultivation. One side Govt has given support for pulses production.  At other side Govt is neither promoting nor providing any help for guar cultivation.  Govt is also not investing  anything on Guar  R&D.  Guar gum seed Cultivation area will go down up to 40% and Guar gum production will go down up to 50%.

Guar is major source of protein for cattle feed. Rajasthan is major Milk producing state of India. Govt should also ensure the  availability of  protein source for milking cattle. Guar churi and Guar Korma is already at peak position.  Is govt planning to feed Moong  to Cattle at Rs 50/Kg. If no then Soya protein at Rs 40/Kg

Even after so many over supply and decrease in demand Guar is major source of Foreign Exchange earning from export of Guar Gum, Guar Korma, Guar Churi. This foreign exchange is used to pay the bills for  import of pulses or Oil seed. Milk is as important as pulses consumption. Milk is only source of animal protein for Vegetarion population.

Guar is an industrial crop which provide a lot of employment  opportunity and guar gum powder is used in many industries. Even for the food purpose Guar is used. In replacement of Guar gum powder India is importing Xanthon Gum powder.  Which again cost us in Foreign exchange. 

If  production goes down 50 % ( it will go down) after four months then  we will  see Guar Seed at Rs 4500-5000/100 Kg. Guar gum will be traded at RS 9000/100 Kg-10000/100 Kg.. Intelligent farmers knows this fact.

Govt must rethink on agriculture policy. Govt should work on saving the agriculture instead of Farmer ( He is not farmer he is farm labor working on under employment condition). Reorganize the agriculture land promote large scale mechanical cultivation. To provide the sufficient food to 125 Crore population must be first goal for Govt. Provide complete social security to current land holders.

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