Quality control in Guar Gum Manufacturing process by Color Sorting Machine

Prices of Guar seed and Guar Gum has come down.  This is good opportunity Guar industries to invest in quality control for long term profit. Prices of Guar seed and Guar gum is at it lowest level. thats why operating cost for Guar Gum processing is at low at this time. It is a right time and opportunity for industry to invest in modernization and quality control. 

Color Sorting Machine.

Color sorting machine separate commodity/grain on the basis of color. Industries can install Color Sorting two point in Guar gum processing unit. 

First point is before inward of guar seed for Guar split processing. After cleaning the Guar seed with the Gravity separator and  cleaning the seed seed should pass through the color sorter machine. In this process all the inferior black seed will be removed. Generally seeds turns black due to the contact of moisture with the seed. Some time in high moisture conditions the Gum part loose its viscosity and contaminated with the fungus and bacteria.  Industries can install this machine before storage of seed so that Industries can cut the cost of storage of Inferior seeds.

Quality control in Guar Gum Manufacturing process through the Color Sorting Machine

Second point is before inward of Guar Split for Guar Gum Powder processing. During  split processing  some split burn and turn black , these type of split affect the over all quality of the Guar Gum powder.  Some split becomes brown or red due to over heat. It would be better that these inferior split should removed before powder processing. 

At one side Industry will improve the quality of Final product and at another side the cost of processing of inferior product is also saved. 

As per size of plant,  industry can install two three or four Color Sorting Machine in one line. For high purity percentage  the commodity should pass again and again through the sortex machine. Color sorting machine is very good investment for long term profit. In the condition of low price and high competition, quality gives an extra edge in business generation.


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