Storage insect pest problem in Guar ( guar gum ) seed

Guar is emerging major industrial crop in India. Some times farmers or stockists have to wait for good price. Proper storage is very important in this process.  Generally there is a strainght concept in Guar growing belt that no insect pest will attack guar seed in storage. Even I was also thinking the same.  During my last visit of many Guar seed storage ware houses. I noticed  severe attack in stored Guar seed.
In initial discussion warehouse manager or owner were denying the possibility of insect pest presence in Guar Seed. I requested them to check then they find that it was true. 

Problem of storage insect pest in Guar ( guar gum ) Seed.
Generally we will find a cluster of two three seed stick with each other with a white substance. If we will see it with more attention then we will find cavity in seeds. We can also find insect or larva of insect in these cavities.

To avoid this attack farmer must be very careful while storing the seeds. Guar seed must be well dried before storage.  Generally there is 18 %  moisture in harvested seed.  After the harvesting seed must be spread in sunlight for 7-8 days with three time turning up and down. 

Storage bag must be well cleaned and dry . Some times the egg of insect keep hiding in the bags and they start growing favorable condition in warehouse.

There must be proper ventilation in storage room of ware house. Use of mechanical drying for proper moisture control, before storage is also helpful. 

If the attack is noticed then farmer can also use  Aluminium Phosphide tables for fumigation or other fumigation method suggested by the agriculture expert.

Problem of storage insect pest in Guar ( guar gum ) Seed.

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