Guar gum cultivation statistics of Rajasthan year 2015-2016

Govt of Rajasthan has launched the crop wise area sown for Kharif season. As per data released total sowing  of Guar is on 39,18,000 Hac in year 2015-2016 , by the end of season it might be reach  up to 40,00,000 Hac.  This is 23% more  than  the last year.  This figure was 31,84,000 Hac in the same period of last year. If we take a average productivity of  400 Kg per Hactare then there are chances that this figure may cross the last year production. Thus there may be a production of 16,00,000 MT Guar seed in this year ( 2015-2016 ) from Rajasthan.

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