Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Guar seed/ guar gum is in upward trend

August month is very positive for guar seed. It has crossed the level of 4000. 4000 is major psychological level. Prices will remain around 4000 in next week. There will be some selling pressure in physical market. Investors who have purchased guar at level 2900-3000 will try to move out from guar contract at 4000 level with 30 % return. Level of of 4000 is a decision-making point for investors. We will see a regular up and down between 4000-4500 level.

Once Guar will cross the level 4500 then buying will start in it. As per fundamental reports guar crop is not good in many areas. It is damaged in flood. It is facing drought in major guar cultivation belt. Crude oil is also stable above USD 50/Barrel. OPEC has cut down  production to control the prices. Supply of oil is also tight in USA. Recovery has noticed in oil prices. As per industry report oil and natural industry is again showing interest in guar gum instead of other artificial replacement.

Mostly future market trading governs Guar trade. Current contract in future market will come in realization in mid of October. There is time of two months in realization of contract. At this time investors will be not in hurry in exit. Once prices will stable above 4000 for 5-6 days then strong buying will be noticed and prices will start move toward 4500/100 Kg.

Guar gum has crossed the level of 8400. With recovery in export demand guar gum is moving toward the level of INR 9000/100 Kg. Sowing of Guar seed has almost completed. Final figures of sowing will be come out by the end of August month. Speculators are active in market. Speculators are ultimate risk taker in market. As per market information upward trend will be continue. There is demand in physical market and arrival of guar is very poor in rainy season. Supply will be remain tight with increasing prices.


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